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"The Best Kept Secret... Shh!"

Phoebe Frankland & Kris Holland - Sunday 8th May 2022

I met Phoebe and Kris and instantly clicked with their ideas for their special day. Working alongside the amazing Lily North, Wayne Farrow, Ryan Smith and The Flower Girls Whalley at the stunning The Out Barn, with catering provided by Cheek & Tongue I knew the day was going to be an incredible one!

During a wedding planning meeting with Phoebe and Kris, Phoebe mentioned that her mum Judith wanted to do a speech, but she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to say it in front of all their guests. I decided to setup a private meeting with Judith at The Out Barn, so we could talk through things and so she could experience what it would be like doing her speech in the room itself. Little did I know at the time, we would put our heads together and decide to surprise Phoebe by telling her it was just too much for Judith (when it wasn't!)

On the day, everyone was in high sprits, the sun was shining, the food and drinks where flowing. What a perfect summers day to have a wedding! When it came to the speeches, Phoebe thought that best man Tom was going to say Judith's carefully written poem, but then Wayne announced Judith up to take the microphone, to the total shock of Phoebe. What an amazing moment! Judith confidently and proudly rhymed her poem, all about her beloved Phoebe, their adventures together and how Kris is her perfect match.

Then it was over to Wayne to get everyone up to have a pre dance before Ryan Smith took over, who filled the dancefloor all night! There was even a conga line, which the Out Barn staff, Cheek & Tongue staff and myself even got involved in.

What an amazing day, I think the pictures show how much love support and laughter there was throughout. I wish Phoebe, Kris and Judith all the best for the future - it was a privilege being a part of your special day!


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